THE BOOK OF SAND (2015-2020)

“The book of Sand” tells the story of the great mobile dune of Valdevaqueros as a metaphor of the absurd human determination to dominate nature, while remaining separated from it. It presents a multifaceted approach that explores the social, environmental and political history that led to the formation of the dune, relating it to philosophical questions. 

It is a local story that takes place in Punta Paloma (Tarifa, Cadiz) – a paradisiacal enclave in the Strait of Gibraltar, only 14km from Africa – where the dune originates as a result of the military intervention in 1939 at the end of the Spanish Civil War. This operation radically changed the physiognomy of the area, generating environmental and social consequences that have yet to be resolved.


 Showcase with sand from the dune and a copy of the photobook + hand painted text by a local artist, to avoid vinyl.

3 different sizes and formats of mounting of the photographs divided by blocks


  • 220cm x 300cm: four-color art quality print on 100% organic cotton canvas. Hung with bamboo rod and another rod at the other end, referring to the idea of parchment. The bamboo has a negative print and refers to the reed that was used to restrain the dune, which is an invasive species. The fabric will be cut in blood and will fray over time as in the photobook.
  • 100cm x 70cm: copies with reused pigmented inks directly nailed to the wall.
  • 29cm x 22 cm copies with pigmented inks framed in a natural oak wood showcase.

In the main room, a showcase is placed where are included archival photos and a tile with typical Islamic Al-Andalus motifs found in the military installations.

Looped sound of wind and sea and sand crashing, plus whispers of different actors mixed.

VIDEO INSTALLATION : 11 sandbags from the dune piled up, leaving one open so that the sand can be seen and touched. It is accompanied by a 7” looped video (themes on the extraction of the sand, and the sand woman.

* Throughout the production process, I apply best practices to have the greatest guarantee of conservation and durability and the smallest ecological footprint, as part of a research I am conducting to develop a guide of good practices for sustainable production in art.



Photobook (2020), Special Editions (2021) and Cabo Mayor Faro Art Center Exhibition Catalog (2022).