María Primo has been developing a research on contemporary art and photography, deep ecology and sustainability, which she formalizes through her personal projects. Being photography her main tool, she experiments with it while exploring its own dimension as a means of expression. This has led her to use more and more traditional techniques such as cyanotypes and antotypes video, gifs, and new disciplines, such as pottery, depending on what suits her to better tell her stories.

Through her personal work she questions the diverse and changing relationship of human beings with their natural environment, the memory in the landscape and its multiple interpretations.

In addition of her intention to address ecological awareness with her work, during these years she has been developing a guide of good practices taking into account the least environmental impact in her creative and production processes.

Below is a selection of series she has created over these years. The works are for sale in a limited edition. For more information, please contact us and we will send you a dossier with the technical specifications.

A river is not a river (2021 – 2023)

While working on a research project in Luxor, Egypt, María Primo approached the Nile to listen to some of the stories that the river conceals: mythological tales, women pharaohs, tomb raiders, ancient buildings and vernacular architecture.

El libro de Arena (2015 – 2020)

El Libro de Arena narra la historia de la Duna de Valdevaqueros. La intención de esta obra es mostrar -a través de la historia de la duna- lo absurdo de la insistencia humana en intentar controlar la naturaleza.

A solar revelation… (2013 – 2016)

A Solar Revelation… (2013-2018) reflects on the need for contemplation and deep research to reveal the different layers and reading of the same landscape.

Roman Basins… Remake after Jeff Wall (2015)

It is another way of looking. The speed of the water that flows uninterruptedly from the pipe reminds us of the passage of time in such an ancient Rome.

The Nest and the Rooster (2014)

Photographs made from recycled film audio tapes.

Invisible Women (2013)

With this series I intend to talk about exotic women, whom we often see from the western world as invisible women, but not so much because they look like it because of their clothes (burka, niqab, etc.), but because we put a veil on the time to see the “other”.

Neovanitas (2008 – 2012)

Series inspired by the baroque vanitas of the 17th century, not so much to remind us of our own death and rebirth, but as a metaphorical demonstration of the expiration of everything we acquire, feel or think about today.

The mirror in your eyes (2008 – 2009)

Travels with the Diana 16mm

Second Chance (2007 – 2008)

I am interested in stories found on the street, at night, when people detach themselves from junk and furniture that have been part of their life and their memory.

2.2 Planets (2007)

The idea of this project is to reflect on the footprint we leave in this world and on the essence of the image.

Consumption = Waste (2006)

Life full of inseparable contrasts: the feminine and the masculine; the light and the dark; the healthy and the insane; beauty and horror; energy and waste; Consciousness and unconsciousness.

The Drying of the Quercus (2006)

One of the best examples of interaction between people and nature is represented by cork oak forests. These forest are unique in the world …

No retornable (2001)

My first personal project, about consumption and garbage. With images taken during a year at the Zambiza landfill, Quito (Ecuador).

Portraits of a New Congo (2016)

In February 2016 I was able to travel to Kinshasa for the first time, invited by the Spanish Embassy for the production of this photo series. Of the few news I managed to find in Western media about the Democratic Republic of the Congo dealt with the horrors of this vast and diverse country and following the trail of Conrad’s hell.

Portraits of a New Yemen (2012)

Result of the residency at the Spanish embassy in Sana’a (Yemen) in May 2016. 22 portraits of Yemeni women and men, of different profiles and backgrounds who work to push their country forward.