Invisible women

With this series I intend to talk about exotic women, whom we often see from the western world as invisible women, but not so much because they look like it because of their clothes (burka, niqab, etc.), but because we put a veil on the time to see the “other”.

I eliminate their faces, bodies and their surroundings trying to highlight their identity and their presence, through their absence. The clothing that remains symbolizes cultural identity and the fundamental role of women as transmitters of this diversity. Looking at it as a whole, the idea is to appreciate the richness of this cultural diversity, the importance it has for our own culture and to understand our planet.

“Red”, “yellow”, “white” and “black” were part of a group exhibition on International Women’s Day at the Exit Gallery of the Adolfo Dominguez Foundation in March 2013.

Archive photos, collage and digital photography.

Madrid 2013.