The Book of Sand book

Photography, text and concept: María Primo

Editing: Guillermo Paneque

Design: Underbau

Printed in Madrid, June 2020.

Binding: Flexibound

Language: Bilingual _ spanish /english

Number of pages: 144

Size: 22cm x 29cm

Edition: 450 copies



“… se llamaba El libro de arena, porque ni el libro ni la arena tienen ni principio ni fin. “ Jorge Luis Borges

“El libro de arena” tells the story of the great mobile dune of Valdevaqueros as a metaphor of the absurd human determination to dominate nature, while remaining separated from it. It presents a multifaceted approach that explores the social, environmental and political history that led to the formation of the dune, relating it to philosophical questions. It is a local story that takes place in Punta Paloma (Tarifa, Cadiz) – a paradisiacal enclave in the Strait of Gibraltar, only 14km from Africa – where the dune originates as a result of the military intervention in 1939 at the end of the Spanish Civil War. This operation radically changed the physiognomy of the area, generating environmental and social consequences that have yet to be resolved.

This project has been carried out thanks to the support of the program of aids to creation and mobility of the
creation and mobility of the Madrid City Council 2019.

Selected for the award for the best photography book of the year 2021 by PHOTOESPAÑA, in the self-published category.

Selected to participate in the FOTOBOKFESTIVAL OSLO 2020: climate emergency in 50 rounds.

Selected in the list of the best photography books 2020 by BABELIA (EL PAIS) and in the list of the books of 2020 for by Gabriela Cendoya.