Roman Basins I and II (Remake after Jeff Wall) *

July 2015

2 Lightboxes

42cm x42cmx10cm

Printed with pigmented inks on Backlite paper



44 pages

1st edition of 50 copies

Printed in 2018

Each copy has on the cover a single copy on matt cotton photographic paper, size 15cm x 10cm.

Roman Basins I and II (Remake after Jeff Wall) *

In the summer of 2015, I took a trip to Rome where I worked out a practical reflection exercise on contemporary photography. I took as reference “Basin in Rome I – II”, two lesser known works of the artist and theorist Jeff Wall (Vancouver 1946), pioneer in conceptual photography.

This process has allowed me to travel the city with other eyes looking for the poetics of everyday life in these fountains of drinking water, the fontanella, representative of contemporary Rome and its history. Traveling in time with that contrasted and present light that so inspired Velázquez.

It is another way of looking. The speed of the water that flows uninterruptedly from the pipe reminds us of the passage of time in such an ancient Rome. And afterwards, the gesture of washing one’s hands, without a doubt a simple gesture that satisfies a basic human need in a return to the mythical and pagan origin, a gesture that has been repeated in that same place for centuries, and with the representation of the photography can reconnect us.

The evident and fate are mixed, fiction and reality, search and found, original and copy, tradition and progress, light and dark.