“…. Souffle gaiement des bulles rondes
Qui montent Dans l´air,
Comme pour rejoindre les mondes
Au fond de l´éther.
… J´entends le crâne à chaque bulle
Prier et gémir:
“Ce jeu feroce et ridicule,
Quand doit-il finir?” …”

Charles Baudelaire,
Fleurs du Mal, CXVII l´amour et le crâne, 1857


NEOVANITAS, 2008-2012

Neovanitas is a series inspired by the baroque vanitas of the 17th century, not so much to remind us of our own death and rebirth, but as a metaphorical demonstration of the expiration of everything we acquire, feel or think about today. The show tells us our history, our passage through the earth, our decadence and the strength of nature.

On one hand, I followed the line of the previous series SECOND CHANCE (2007-2008) using doors of representative buildings loaded with memory from different countries, as symbols of communication between two states and the possibility of access to each other, as they can be between time and space, between life and death. And through digital collage intervene those scenes creating a dialogue with images sought and “rescued” that serve as new contemporary symbols of vanitas. These images are basically reused from my own archive (my own analogue and digital junk), from appropriate Internet files (the butterfly, the shot, etc.), objects found in clean spots (x-rays) or trash (plastic bags flying, etc.). These dialogues tell us about globalization, the impact of our actions from one side of the planet to the other, climate change, interculturality, the passage of time, and travel in its widest sense.

At the same time I have been making another format, more formal, of landscapes in different countries, which show a strong connotation of the passage of time and the footprint we leave on the planet. From walls of volcanic rocks (Dandelion and Genesis) where you can see the strength and evolution of our planet, to the ruins of other places representative of our history (wars, religion, etc.), clear examples of our decadence and the link indivisible that we have with nature.

And finally, In Ictu Oculli (in the blink of an eye) is the piece that serves as an introduction and union of the whole series, being a vanitas of the 21st century.